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Computer Science Standards For Public Schools

For people who believe that computer science and software coding will be the literacy issue in the next generation, academic standards is an important point to raise. We live in a world of smart cities and connected electronic computer devices. Predictions forecast an average of eight connected devices per person by the year 2020. The prevalence of coding in all industries is increasing. Even more in demand are software developers that use technology in producing solutions to advance human capability.

Nanotechnology, smart appliances, smart glass, AI, cloud and quantum computing will radically change our lifestyles within the next ten years. I recently learned how to code for the Amazon Alexa smart speaker, and was amazed at all the new applications that are waiting for programmers to implement.

Medical science will undergo revolutionary changes using augmented reality software for surgeries. Nanobots can deliver pharmaceuticals directly to cancer cell nuclei without damaging the surrounding healthy tissue. Achieving Level 1 on the Kardashev scale requires young futurists to think like developers.

Coding software is the foundation of this kind of systems thinking. We can’t procrastinate in giving students these skills. The CS field is wide open to all who truly apply themselves.

STEM is the current buzz because current demand surpasses the availability of skilled labor in well-paying professions. Many young people are already able to configure gaming consoles for other uses. Students may display technological acumen, but most don’t consider computer science as a fundamental academic discipline. ISTE, formerly known as the National Educational Technology Standards, has established standards for the use of technology in teaching and learning. Unfortunately, our country does not yet have national academic standards for students to learn computer science. 

STEMS on the VINES/KC Creators Clubs follows the academic computer science standards of Australia, where national CS standards is a priority. If our students are to compete on a global scale, we believe that we should emulate an established CS academic standard instead of waiting for our country to mandate one. We invite our STEMS students to participate in several global coding competitions during the school year that are based on Australian CS standards.

Imani Malaika-MehtaComment