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The Future of STEM

Artificial intelligence, machine learning, and quantum computing make current STEM curricula look obsolete. At the same time, a basic knowledge of science, technology, engineering, math and sustainability is needed in order to understand all the new innovations. How can we help today’s students keep up with such fast-paced growth in emerging STEMS fields?

Hadi Partovi, creator of, has been learning details of how artificial intelligence and machine learning work. He learned enough to help incorporate it throughout the curriculum. Mr. Partovi says, "This will give students a basic understanding of the technology as well as the societal impacts, ethics of data bias, etc. With so much of society on the brink of change, it is fundamental for students to understand at least the basics.”

William Hurley, a 2018 Eisenhower Fellow, donated copies of “Quantum Computing for Babies” by Chris Ferrie to our Mobile STEMS Lab library. Mr. Hurley’s last two startup enterprises were acquired by the New York Stock Exchange. He is just the example our students need to consider STEM entrepreneurship as a career option and an alternative to getting a job that perpetuates unsustainable STEM products and services.

Students seem to get further and further behind the breakneck speed of today's technological advances. The traditional classroom is not designed to expose students new developments in STEMS. Sustainability as an ethos may not yet find its way into traditional lesson plans. Our Mobile STEMS Lab is designed to help students retain what they learn in the classroom during the day as well as get them involved in experiencing new technologies in math and science applications. Students watched videos of new inventions and you can hear a pin drop - until they exclaim "Whoa!" or "That's so cool!" We want to demystify the tech and show them how it works. Knowledge of this kind feels like a superpower!

Imani Malaika-MehtaComment